Custom Merch

Hey there! 

Don't you just hate when you dream up an amazing hat and then make it and you see someone's name on it?

Are you looking for some super epic custom beanies and hats? 

I've spent years researching, testing, and making the best custom products around and am stoked to offer this service.

Here's an example of a custom 5 panel Corduroy Cap.


  • custom inside seam tape
  • custom sweatband tag
  • custom rear closure tag



Custom merch is an amazing marketing tool because it puts your brand in the hands of your most avid customers.


Program Details: 

  • Fully custom hats
  • hat styles include: corduroy, 5 panel, 6 panel, camper style, trucker, etc
  • Fully custom beanies
  • Custom touches include things like: inside sweatband label, rear closure tag, seam tape (my favorite)
  • MOQ: 100
  • Costs:
  • Hats and beanies start per item start around $12 (depending on custom touches and materials used) 

Email me for more info!