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Meme that says new, year, new website, who dis

If you may remember, last year I custom coded my own website with the checkout powered by shopify (nerds like me call that, a headless shopify website). It was awesome! And only took me like 4 months and lots of coding🤣... Well I found why most people, who are sane and don't have 5 gazillion dollars to fund ecommerce website resources, use a Shopify website... 🤦🏻‍♂️ Unfortunately things just kept breaking on my cool site and I don't have time or resources to be fixing them. Sooooo I learned my lesson the hard way and now this new site is a Shopify website.


So it's time for a new site, this time built by a gazillion dollar company (Shopify), not me (not a gazillion dollar company). Let the fun begin!



Why a new website?

Ready to nerd out with me? Basically, the old site I coded by hand (if you ask an ecommerce person they will tell you this is a bit of a crazy thing). It was technically called a headless shopify website because it was powered by shopify but with a custom website. I loved it and by hand coding, I could do some pretty sweet things! That being said, a custom ecommerce site requires a lot of development work upkeep and maintenance. And I was spending all my free time fixing bugs and such - instead of spending time with family (or dreaming up fun new apparel ideas). And because Rainier Watch is just run by me, a solo person with a fam and day job, I decided switching to a Shopify site coded by someone else was the safer, more sane option. Phew, sorry for the long answer!

Is it secure for payments?

Yes! I'm still using Shopify to process payments (like the old site) so everything is super secure. They are the world's leading online commerce solution and are very secure.

This site sucks. I want the old one back.

Okay so first off that's not a question. Also are you volunteering to help me code it when things break?

I found something wrong or this missing - what do I do?

Woot! You rock! Please email me or reach out via the contact page. I may even have a special thank you gift for you.

Where's the blog?

Boy you are a quick one... Don't fear, it will be coming back soon, I'm in the process of migrating it!

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